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The great out-tours bring the wonders of the countryside to the doorstep of primary school children. Via an exciting & curriculum supporting ‘four seasons’ outdoor learning programme, we deliver after school clubs & in-school workshops.

We pride ourselves in creating unforgettable practical experiences of nature in action using the school grounds/surrounds as the teaching ‘stage’. We work closely with the school staff to satisfy key curriculum learning objectives in the subject areas of: science, geography, art & design, music & design & technology. If your school has a Great Out-tours club running, here is a taster of what your children will take part in…

  • Living animal dynamics, including handling/bottle feeding lambs & chicks in spring.
  • Wild produce culinary activities including making Elderflower cordial, Crab Apple jelly, jams & chutneys & crushing/pressing fruits in summer for the freshest juice.
  • Carrying out a variety of countryside surveying methods on nature (with the aid of long duration cameras to bring alive the wildlife whilst school sleeps)!
  • Rural crafts making animal/plant structures/sculptures as well as bird, bat & insect nest boxes, homes & hotels!
  • Exciting individual & team-work based activities to develop self esteem, confidence, independence & practical skills. … plus many other illuminating & fun activities!

Area Manager : Samantha Cross
Phone: 07475 770949

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Posted 1 day ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

21.04.19 - HAPPY BLEASTER!!!!!!!

Farmer John has been really busy this Easter hols bringing new life to Woodside Environmental Education Centre; four of the cutest lambs; Bruno (from Dorset), Nell (from Sussex with a dose of Dutch), Marble (from East Anglia with a dose of South Down Sussex) & ???? (a female lamb from the South Downs with a dose of French/Dutch)!!! The last lovely lamb has not been named and we need your help to name her.

Replies please on Easter Day to really start off your Spring Sunny Day with extra joy from our farming countryside!!!

This is possibly our most diverse European mix of lambs since we started bringing lambs to school across our Wealden and West Sussex club network (over 7 years ago).

They each have extremely interesting stories & all have such lovely calm personalities THAT YOUR CHILDREN AT CLUBS WILL GET TO MEET, FEED AND LEARN ABOUT!

Some of you may know but very sadly the educational farm in our region -'Seven Sisters Sheep Centre', that used to run lamb visits for all ages, closed last year. We are told that we are unique in our provision of lamb based curriculum supporting school visits.

We break down all the H&S barriers to ensure children at schools get to marvel, feed and pet these quintessential icons of Spring. THIS IS A TRULY UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE FOR CHILDREN!

Our school club registers are now live so if you have not done so already, please re-enrol/enrol your child(ren) by clicking on

Our four newest animal friends and The Great Out-tours team cannot wait to see you all in this SPRING HIGHLIGHT TERM 5.
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Posted 2 weeks ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

...RSPB BIG GARDEN BIRDWATCH 2019 26-28 January 2019. The results are in:

A recap:
This simply gorgeous picture came in from one such 'club' family, who used our Birdwatch Bingo ID sheets to record their RSPB survey 'observations'!


It typifies why we at The Great Out-tours do what we do, namely to 'inspire children in the countryside'!
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Posted 2 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

I did email everyone but just in case you have not read/seen/or received the message- the club starts up again next week.

Best wishes

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Posted 3 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

We had great, if rather messy,fun making bird feeders. Lets hope out local bird life find them soon in our gardens and tuck in..... ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 3 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

So great to be back in the schools after the Christmas break. The kids had a fabulous time making bird feeders this afternoon. We will be learning a lot about our local birds over the next couple of weeks. We will be gathering information and feeding it back to the RSPB as part of the annual Bird Watch. Keep an eye out for the photos. Best wishes ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 6 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

Just a reminder everyone that the clubs start back again next week. Best wishes ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Yes that would be great- I am also trying to call everyone

No, first session back is next week. Best wishes

So none this Wednesday at EP?

When do we pay for this half term & how much is it? X

Jen Scowen

Posted 7 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

Good Evening everyone. We don't normally post until the end of the week- but we had such an amazing session today with the apple pressing. This activity is a real challenge in just one hour. The children were so interested and engaged that they listened well, cooperated and worked together. We just wanted to share these pictures tonight- you can see for yourself how beautifully they worked together and helped each other.

We do have a few spaces on the English Martyrs and East Preston Infant and Junior Clubs. Just PM us if you would like a place in time for next week,
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Posted 7 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

Just couldn't help taking so many picturesJust couldn't help taking so many pictures ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 7 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

We took lots of pictures today.... ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 7 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Arun

This week we are making freshly pressed apple juice. All the children loved it. Yum ... See MoreSee Less

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