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The great out-tours bring the wonders of the countryside to the doorstep of primary school children. Via an exciting & curriculum supporting ‘four seasons’ outdoor learning programme, we deliver after school clubs & in-school workshops.

We pride ourselves in creating unforgettable practical experiences of nature in action using the school grounds/surrounds as the teaching ‘stage’. We work closely with the school staff to satisfy key curriculum learning objectives in the subject areas of: science, geography, art & design, music & design & technology. If your school has a Great Out-tours club running, here is a taster of what your children will take part in…

  • Living animal dynamics, including handling/bottle feeding lambs & chicks in spring.
  • Wild produce culinary activities including making Elderflower cordial, Crab Apple jelly, jams & chutneys & crushing/pressing fruits in summer for the freshest juice.
  • Carrying out a variety of countryside surveying methods on nature (with the aid of long duration cameras to bring alive the wildlife whilst school sleeps)!
  • Rural crafts making animal/plant structures/sculptures as well as bird, bat & insect nest boxes, homes & hotels!
  • Exciting individual & team-work based activities to develop self esteem, confidence, independence & practical skills. … plus many other illuminating & fun activities!

Area Manager : Louise Burton
Phone: 07788 713587

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Cracking afternoon making some very striking woollies as a pre-amble to next week's visit by Farmer John's lambs. Well done everyone - took perseverance and patience to complete the task and great to see some teamwork helping each other out. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 2 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Ashdown Forest

The Great Out-tours Limited
17.04.19 - The Great Out-tours ‘Lambdy’ is carrying valuable Easter treats for your children/care home residents!?
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Posted 2 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Ashdown Forest

23.04.19 - DID YOU HAVE A HAPPY BL..EASTER????!!!!

Farmer John has been really busy this Easter hols bringing new life to Woodside Environmental Education Centre; four of the cutest lambs; Bruno (from Dorset), Nell (from Sussex with a dose of Dutch), Marble (from East Anglia with a dose of South Down Sussex) & ???? (a female lamb from the South Downs with a dose of French/Dutch)!!! The last lovely lamb has not been named and we need your help to name her.

Replies would be very welcome please to really give our lamb a spring in her step!!!

This is possibly our most diverse European mix of lambs since we started bringing lambs to school across our Wealden and West Sussex club network (over 7 years ago).

They each have extremely interesting stories & all have such lovely calm personalities THAT YOUR CHILDREN AT CLUBS WILL GET TO MEET, FEED AND LEARN ABOUT!

Some of you may know but very sadly the educational farm in our region -'Seven Sisters Sheep Centre', that used to run lamb visits for all ages, closed last year. We are told that we are unique in our provision of lamb based curriculum supporting school visits.

We break down all the H&S barriers to ensure children at schools get to marvel, feed and pet these quintessential icons of Spring. THIS IS A TRULY UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE FOR CHILDREN!

Our school club registers are now live so if you have not done so already, please re-enrol/enrol your child(ren) by clicking on

Our four newest animal friends and The Great Out-tours team cannot wait to see you all in this SPRING HIGHLIGHT TERM 5.
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What a way to finish the term..close encounters with the very majestic Buzz, the Common Buzzard. Loads of interesting facts, which Laura made so fascinating and real; with plenty of "tickle" time at the end - it was great to see how the children responded..ever curious with lots of questions, and even those who were initially fearful became confident to have a stroke and a chat..I have never seen them all so quiet and engrossed as we finished off with a word search at the end! ...and we managed to dodge the hail! Happy Easter all. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kelsey loved it! Also thank you for the lovely Mother’s Day gift they made at the club, I love it.

Caroline Tapsell Ferrier x

Such a shame Christopher missed this, unfortunately he needed to come this afternoon.

Great time with my year 5s making Easter nests from woven hazel, with natural clay and line with sheep's wool, moss and leaves..they all passed the "nest test"...Could they be sturdy enough to hold a few little eggs...? ... See MoreSee Less

Great time with my year 5s making Easter nests from woven hazel, with natural clay and line with sheeps wool, moss and leaves..they all passed the nest test...Could they be sturdy enough to hold a few little eggs...?

Lovely afternoon session with the group today, making gifts for someone special this weekend! Involved drilling, threading and knotting and lots of rather beautiful decorating. Am not going to post pictures until after Sunday! ... See MoreSee Less

Just back and sitting down with a well-earned cuppa after making worm farms today at club. (Sorry parents - you have some new pets.) We learned about this whole wonderful ecosystem beneath our the worms draw down air, water and nutrients to feed plant roots and how they acts as mini fertilisers, keeping the soil healthy and fertile - as they munch their way through matter. Did you know that a worm can eat its own body weight every day and that there are around 2700 types of worm!

We layered up our jars with compost, sand and leaf mulch then did a bit of worm charming (dancing and stamping like crazy people) to bring them to the surface. Some chose a much more dignified approach and went in search of dark, damp areas where worms might hang out. Some mud was inevitably involved.

Then the collected worms were put into their new habitats.. Keep them somewhere dark at home for around a week, pop in some vegetable peelings and watch them burrow. Be sure to release them back into the garden as worms will Iive for up to 5 years!
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Amazing memory prowess from the children at last Wednesday's Guess The Nest activity..with a little help from some feathered friends, as demonstrated by my son! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 3 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Ashdown Forest

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The first session of the Great Out-tours Ashdown Forest got underway today - we thought about woodland creatures needing a shelter from the wind and rain and just somewhere to hang out - what amazing imaginations this young group have - from a perfectly crafted squirrel's nest to a free hotel kitted out with telescope, and swimming pool; from a playground fully kitted out with swings and slides, to a hidey-hole for a mouse, complete with steps and ladders. Was great to evesdrop on one little group as they made up their narrative between them, deciding what would go where - they were in another world.

So important to have some time in the blustery outdoors away from screens and just letting their imaginations do the work. Time flew. Look forward to seeing everyone next week.
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Posted 5 months ago

The Great Out-tours - Ashdown Forest

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Thank you so much for emailing over the picture of my daughter in action! I love the pic 😊: she really is so interested in nature and the natural world, she really loves going to the club. You definitely inspire her..

Have a wonderful Easter too!