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After School Clubs
The great out-tours bring the wonders of the countryside to the doorstep of primary school children. Via an exciting & curriculum supporting ‘four seasons’ outdoor learning programme, we deliver after school clubs & in-school workshops. We pride ourselves in creating unforgettable practical experiences of nature in action using the school grounds/surrounds as the teaching ‘stage’. We work closely with the school staff to satisfy key curriculum learning objectives in the subject areas of: science, geography, art & design, music & design & technology. If your school has a Great Out-tours club running, here is a taster of what your children will take part in…
  • Living animal dynamics, including handling/bottle feeding lambs & chicks in spring.
  • Wild produce culinary activities including making Elderflower cordial, Crab Apple jelly, jams & chutneys & crushing/pressing fruits in summer for the freshest juice.
  • Carrying out a variety of countryside surveying methods on nature (with the aid of long duration cameras to bring alive the wildlife whilst school sleeps)!
  • Rural crafts making animal/plant structures/sculptures as well as bird, bat & insect nest boxes, homes & hotels!
  • Exciting individual & team-work based activities to develop self esteem, confidence, independence & practical skills. … plus many other illuminating & fun activities!
  • **Please take a moment to scroll down to the bottom of this page and read some of our ‘after school club’ family testimonials.** ————————————————————————————————— ENROLLING YOUR CHILD(REN) TO ONE OF OUR ‘WEALDEN’ AREA AFTER-SCHOOL CLUBS —————————————————————————————————
  • Enrolment is EXTREMELY easy. Simply click on the following weblink and follow the ONLINE step-by-step guidelines.
  • *Helpful hints to ease your enrolment journey via our ‘ClubEnrolment’ system!* ————————————————————————————————— ENROLLING YOUR CHILD(REN) TO ONE OF OUR ‘ARUN’ AREA AFTER-SCHOOL CLUBS —————————————————————————————————
  • Enrolment is EXTREMELY easy. Simply click on the following weblink and follow the ONLINE step-by-step guidelines.
  • *Helpful hints to ease your enrolment journey via our ‘ClubEnrolment’ system!*
  • Your ‘club location’ is the name of your school.
  • If you want to enrol more than one child, start with the oldest child and you can add a second later on when prompted with an ‘enrol sibling’ button (at bottom of screen).
  • We now accept card/direct debit payments as well as BACS, cheques and cash.
  • Simply choose the form of payment you wish to use, & then follow the prompts to complete subs settlement during the enrolment process (for direct debit/credit card or BACS transfer).
  • Contact Sam on 07475 770949 if you have any other questions.
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  • Would you like to run your own Full or Part Time business (franchise) that inspires children in the flows of the rich & varied countryside calendar in your own County/Country?
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  • Are you currently running an outdoor business (such as a Forest School) and would like to increase your earning potential?
  • Would you like the opportunity to create the same joy and inspiration within children’s lives as we do?
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“I just wanted to say a great big thank you for all your hard work & enthusiasm, in making The Great Out-tours after school club so educational, exciting and fun. I would also like to say thank you for always engaging with my sons and talking to them on their level. It really means a lot to us as parents, and for them to feel excepted and cared about, goes a long way to building their confidence and self esteem. I wish you a very Happy Christmas and we will see you in 2018. Best Wishes.”  Alison

“Such a great club and great team. They always seem to go the extra mile.”  Mark L.

“Farmer John showed us an awesome trick to make leaves into fish skeletons!”  Stephanie

“Thank you Farmer John and the team. Rudolf is happily on the top of the tree at home. Santa is next to the fire place. Thank you for all your hard work. Have a great Christmas! (Both craft items referred to are made from wildwood)”  Georgina

“The boys LOVED today and what beautiful crafts! Thank you Sam, such a great club.”  Victoria

“John is always fantastic when working at Dallington CEPS. He is always happy, full of enthusiasm and ready to support everyone. John is very child centred; this is evident in his activities, approach and communication. He is totally focused on the children and their learning. I would not hesitate in recommending John to run a club at your school.”  Paul (Head of School) Dallington CEPS

“This is such an inventive and socially positive club; no wonder that spaces are limited. Farmer John’s club, whilst amazing for his current clients, surpass anything my children have done and remove them from their technology. Following a recent organised visit, they beg me to take them back to Farmer John’s farm. Why not try a Great Out-tours club for your children, especially if you are concerned over the time your child spend on their technology!”  Simon W.

“Lambs are looking strong Farmer John, especially the Charollais x Texel.”  Peter F. (Farmer)

“Thank you for my lovely ‘surprise’ Mother’s Day wild wood mobile gift, made by my son at your after school club!”  Rebecca

“Well Done!! Mr B.. Always coming up with new ideas. Inspiring the young is so very rewarding in this day and age of instant ‘entertainment’. Putting young minds to the test is so gratifying. If we, as adults, don’t have imagination, how can we expect the young to have it, it needs feeding, and you do it beautifully..”  Sandy

“The club is brilliant; keep up the good work.”  Lynne

“I have known John for over four years, whilst he has provided an after school club at our school. He has always conducted himself in a professional manner, whilst engaging and educating our pupils in the varied activities of The Great Out-tours.”  David (Bursar - Cross In Hand CEPS)

“This is my daughter’s nature wheel which she couldn’t wait to do following being shown at club!”  Natalie A.

“I am so proud of my very own Woolly sheep made at Parkside after school club! Thanks Farmer John!.”  Isaac

“Thank you so much for looking after my son and being so kind on Wednesday. My son has been desperate to do The Great Out-tours for over a year but was a bit teary as it was his first time at an after school club. He had a wonderful time and said he was looked after by Vetty and is looking forward to next week. Thank you all for your time and giving the kids the opportunity to take part in a great club.”  Holly

“Thank you Sam! Oliver absolutely loved his first day at your outdoor club! His bird feeder is duly hung outside and he is desperate to photograph a bird on it for you!! X”  Joelle

“Well done John! I saw the BBC bus at the Heathfield fire station. The interview was great! (Hear the BBC correspondent, Allison Ferns’ interview with The Great Out-tours Founder, John Brooksbank, by visiting our Facebook page and visiting the 02.10.17 video post.)”  Melanie H.

“We have our first flower from the flower bomb made by my son at Cross In Hand Primary after school club. Thanks.”  Maria H.

“Inspired by the wooden angels my son made at Farmer John’s after school club, we made larger versions for Christmas gifts. Everyone loved them! Thanks.”  Nick

“A wonderfully useful ‘wild wood valentine heart mat’ gift made as a surprise by my best little fella! Thank you John & The Great Out-Tours team!”  Beccy

“Thank you for all that you and your team do for the children! It’s a great club!”  Amy

“Farmer John, you are an amazing chap, inspirational!!”  Sandra