The Great Out-tours at Wakehurst:

  1. Wildwood Weekend (26-28 May 2018): Click on the following weblink to learn more about this fantastic family event. More details will follow shortly about our presence across the weekend but we can say it will be practical, involve making a super/memorable take home craft piece made of wild wood. Great, great fun so put these dates in your diary for a visit!! Contact John on 01825 729158 if you have any other questions.

  2. ‘Wakehurst Bountiful Botanics’ Autumn outdoor event (TBA  October 2018): Click on the following link to view details about this wonderful event capturing the true essence of Autumn (being staged in the simply beautiful grounds of Wakehurst Place manor house! Alternatively contact John on 01825 729158.


    Would you like to run your own Full or Part Time business (franchise) that inspires children in the flows of the rich & varied countryside calendar in your own County/Country?

    Are you at a stage of your life and career where you are reflecting on what the next steps in your professional journey should be?

    Are you currently running an outdoor business (such as a Forest School) and would like to increase your earning potential?

    Would you like the opportunity to create the same joy and inspiration within children’s lives as we do?
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“Thanks for a great day at the Wild Wood event (Wakehurst), we had loads of fun! (28 May 2016)” 


“Just wanted to say how impressed we were with you guys at the Brinsbury Country Fair yesterday! I think myself & hubby enjoyed the Water Challenge more than the kids! My daughter is so going to enjoy your sessions at her ‘First Steps Childcare’ nursery!!!” 

Kirsten C.

“Well Done!! Mr B.. Always coming up with new ideas. Inspiring the young is so very rewarding in this day and age of instant ‘entertainment’. Putting young minds to the test is so gratifying. If we, as adults, don’t have imagination, how can we expect the young to have it, it needs feeding , and you do it beautifully. (Words following a Wakehurst Wild Wood weekend event at which The Great Out-tours had a stand).”