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A Franchise Opportunity Like No Other!

Thank you for your interest in our Franchise business opportunity. Whether you found us via a job advert or you are simply wanting to convert your passion for The Great Out-doors into a full or part-time career, we will seriously consider your interest. Contemplate the following:


  • Would you like to run your own Full or Part Time business (franchise) that inspires children in the flows of the rich and varied countryside calendar in your own County/Country?
  • Are you at a stage of your life and career where you are reflecting on what the next steps in your professional journey should be?
  • Are you currently running an outdoor business (such as a Forest School) and would like to increase your earning potential?
  • Would you like the opportunity to create the same joy and inspiration within children’s lives as we do?

**For a comprehensive introduction to The Great Out-tours franchise  business opportunity, scroll down this page. THANK YOU!**

Since setting up my Great Out-tours Nottingham franchise & first after school club, so many people have asked me why I didn’t just set one up myself (through my forest school business). Why do I want to pay the royalties to someone far away? 

Well greedily I don’t of course (!) but the truth is without John Brooksbank (Business Founder & franchise coordinator),  this is not something I would ever have done.  The sheer quantity of work involved in setting up my own business; creating a web page, Facebook page, the IT enrolment systems, writing the safeguarding policy, risk assessments, session plans, marketing materials, creating merchandise….the list goes on, and without earning a penny…..NO WAY!

With the Great Out-tours franchise, that has already been done, TO THE HIGHEST AND MOST EXACTING STANDARD.  After a short but thorough induction training programme, once the time was right (with no pressure from John), it was just two weeks before my club was up and running at my local school.  John has been available at the end of the phone or email (at any reasonable time I have needed him for guidance). His laidback demeanour means we established an instant rapport! The club dovetails easily with my other work as a Forest School Leader and John respects the other work I do, not seeing it as a threat to the work I do with him but, an asset.

I cannot recommend The Great Out-tours enough.

Jessica E.

(Forest School Business owner / Great Out-tours franchise owner)

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Setting up your own company can be confusing having to deal with risk assessment, trialling lesson plans, taking on employees or free lancers, and often you can feel isolated. Working with the Great Out-tours (G.O.T) and joining the G.O.T family has given me support and encouragement. Most of the background hard work has been done.

You are given the lesson plans with all activities having been rigorously road tested, the risk assessments are done, the insurance is in place and you have access to a fabulous booking system.

I have enjoyed feeling like part of a team and supported, and this has had a knock on effect giving me renewed enthusiasm and confidence within my own company.


(Forest School Business owner / Great Out-tours franchise owner)

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you all know how running a
Great Out-tours franchise can work so beautifully alongside other projects you may be involved with.

I visited a lovely primary school in my area today. What a beautiful location! The new Head teacher there is so passionate about the children getting the opportunity to connect with and care for the environment. He has asked us to run a Great Out-tours after school club, which is going to start next week. He has asked me to run an all day/overnight and next morning Forest School Style session for his year 6’s after their exams, through my Forest School company. He has also agreed to me using his school after hours, to run an adult education workshop, and invited me in to teach the Year 4’s how to make a Bees Wax Food Wrap.

Forest School is my love, but in these hard times, due to school budgetary constraints, I am being asked to run less and less Forest School “Proper”.  At the end of the day, my passion is to encourage and facilitate a connection between children and the natural environment. I am having to become more creative in the ways that I do that. The Great Out-tours franchise is the perfect ‘dovetail’ to my aspirations and combined business sustainability. 

Samantha C.

(Forest School Business owner / Great Out-tours franchise owner)

_ _ _
TGO - Arun
East Preston, UK

Contact: Samantha Cross

TGO - Ashdown Forest
Crowborough TN6, UK

Contact: Louise Burton

TGO - Bristol
Bristol, UK

Contact: Victoria Fiore

TGO - Wealden
Horam, UK

Contact: John Brooksbank

TGO - Nottingham
Lowdham, Nottingham NG14, UK

Contact: Jessica Edwards

The First Step – Dip your toe in the water!

To commence your introduction to our franchise product, view the presentation below (using the picture scroll bar to navigate).

Note: If you are using a mobile device, click here to view the presentation.

  • At the end of this presentation you will be given the opportunity to click a link to officially commence your interest.

  • To expedite your enquiry, complete each of the contact information boxes. Be sure to DETAIL THE WORD ‘FRANCHISE’ FOLLOWED BY YOUR LOCAL WORK AREA/COUNTY in the header.

  • *Important*. Spend a few minutes to give us a brief summary of what you currently do in the outdoor sector (employment or volunteering).
    In the same correspondence, please give us your background experience/qualifications (including any Health & Safety, Child Safeguarding & First Aid certification), with regard to the great out-doors?

  • Alternatively you can complete the contact email link box AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE.
Step 2. Beginning the Franchise Engagement Pathway
  • When we have received and reviewed your introductory email in the ‘First Step’, we will contact you to confirm if your profile may suit the Great Out-tours franchise opportunity.
  • IF IT IS A YES, you will be invited to proceed on a franchise pathway leading to the potential of engaging your VERY OWN EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE IN YOUR REGION. THIS WHOLE PROCESS CAN TAKE LESS THAN A MONTH IF YOU PROVIDE ALL THE SALIENT INFORMATION REQUESTED!
  • The FIRST step of your franchise pathway would be navigation through our due diligence checks. This process will require you to supply your CV & a covering letter.

  • If our recruitment panel find your aforementioned CV/cover letter favourable, you would be invited to partake in a very informal Skype video interview.
  • If you were successful with your informal video interview, for your own contextual value, you would then be invited to speak via either 1. Skype video link up or 2. Telephone with an existing Great Out-tours franchisee. With other candidates this has been a really rewarding/gratifying stage of the franchise pathway.
  • Hip, hip hooray! If you were successful with ‘Step 2’, we would contact you and formally offer a 3 month franchise trial license.

  • The terms of this license would require you to establish/commence operation of your franchise within 3 months of the ‘Congratulations’ date.
    **Important Note**: Once you have completed your three month practitioning trial and all royalties (as detailed within ‘The Great Out-tours franchise engagement License Fee’ section below) have been repaid to The Great Out-tours Limited, a review meeting will be conducted.

  • If all parties are happy to continue with long term business employment, you would be invited to purchase a permanent franchise trading license. This will give you exclusive rights to operate in your borough.

  • If, however you would prefer not to continue, at this point the employment arrangement would be formally closed down with no further forward financial obligation applicable.
Step 4 - Franchise training

Following successful navigation through ‘Step 3’, you would be invited to attend a franchise induction course here at our Woodside Environmental Education Centre in Horam, East Sussex.

Our recruitment panel will regionally collate successful applicants to attend the induction course, so you would not be alone!

This course will give you an excellent opportunity to see how a prospective franchise will work for you, covering the following key points:

  • Background to The Great Out-tours (G.O.T) / the franchise product to include: Introduction to John Brooksbank – Founder & the origins of G.O.T.
  •  Portfolio of G.O.T franchise product options – After school clubs, Woodside Environmental Education Centre / Care Home – Special needs
    Children’s parties & In-school workshops.
  •  Four Seasons Activity Programme overview.
  •  G.O.T clubs online admin/payment system & GDPR compliance.


  • Child Safeguarding / H&S / DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) & Insurance.


  • Effective G.O.T marketing & ongoing pro-active initiatives to maintain healthy club numbers.
  • Issue of the all important uniforms for task!
  • Collaboration with schools from the ‘getgo’ to ensure effective marketing support from schools.
    – Trainees will prepare for & deliver a role play ‘meeting with an actual Headmaster’.
    – Each trainee will be issued a basic marketing kit which will comprise a montage poster & various club activity ‘makes’ to present in a role play meeting
    – They will then conduct a 20 minute timed role play meeting with an actual Head within an office setting.

– Invaluable follow up Q&A with an actual Headmaster will supersede the role play meetings, to empower your marketing approach within your own setting.

  • ‘Hands on’ training in the effective/safe use of our more complex tools, prior to a ‘live role play’ activity with actual children!
    Example here. Power Drill training.


  •  Power Tool training is followed by a ‘live role play activity’ making one of our wildwood ‘make & take’ favourites with actual children! This will form as near to a real after school club activity hour as you can get!

– Using the activity plan, trainees form a G.O.T club delivery unit & work as a team to:

– Collect up required equipment, resources & materials (from our a-z training room storage).
– Assess the outside work site (referring to the activity plan ‘Hazards’ section) and lay out the resources/materials ready for the session commencement.
Under one hour timed session conditions, safely escort the children to the activity site.
– Commence the pre-activity briefing. 
– Commence the activity.
– Conclude the activity.


See a picture & video recall from one such captivating & hugely effective franchise induction training programme where the trainees were making wildwood owls with three children.



– Activity introduction / safety briefing:



– Drilling using the learnt training techniques:

– Effecting best practice secateur operation:


– All learnt techniques and activity plan applications were most effectively delivered in this owl making ‘role play’ activity. 


  • Meeting an existing operational franchise partner giving you invaluable Q & A for your own setting.


  • Getting to know your new franchise training colleagues that we hope will set up/form long & strong friendship bonds.

  • An opportunity to meet some of our team (within an informal setting), who would be your key liaison contacts for your franchise establishment!

  •  The final crescendo high of the induction course! Presentation ceremony issuing franchisees their license agreements!
















These are really important experiences that will empower & enhance your exciting franchise journey!


Case Study: A window into Great Out-tours club methodology. Introducing 'Jurassic Park – Ground Art’ after school club activity!


1. Google Drive

  • Our Four Seasons Activity Programme activities are sent to the franchises via a Google Drive storage platform (which the franchisee will have set up at business inception).
  • Within the franchise storage location,  activities are loaded in termly folders with labelled sub folders containing each of the activity resources. See the ‘annotated screen shot’.


2. Activity Plan


3. Activity Photos

  • A comprehensive library archive of activity specific photos/videos, is given with every session activity. See the ‘annotated screen shot’
  • This gives the instructors vital guidance to the form or final product of each and every activity.


4. Activity Supporting Resources

  • A comprehensive resource library of activity specific handouts/worksheets/quizzes etc are given to support session activities.
  • These give the instructors vital tools to ease the club pupil’s translation/understanding of the activity theming/objective.



The ‘nitty gritty’ of our franchise business opportunity

1. The Great Out-tours franchise engagement License fee

To view a detailed presentation outlining full costing details of the ‘engagement’ license and what it would include, use the picture scroll bar to find out more:

Note: If you are using a mobile device, click here to view the presentation.

The future is in your hands - Time to decide!

“Following your review of this detailed information, we hope you feel it is worth commencing your pathway to securing a Great Out-tours franchise.
All new successful franchises commence their business provision with delivery of our hugely popular ‘Four Seasons Activity Programme after school club product’. The best way to gain context to this provision, is to take a look at our flagship Wealden area franchise webpage and therein the Facebook feed of our many & varied activities that inspire/illuminate club children.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries / questions you have by completing the contact email box at the head of this page.

With thanks for your interest and best regards


John Brooksbank